inspired by
Frank & Gail Zappa

“Pauline Butcher Bird deserves all the plaudits and praise for writing a play of such depth and brilliance. The play works as a stand-alone piece of theatre and simultaneously speaks to core Frank Zappa fans, an admirable trick to pull off.”

Neil Hamilton

“We laughed, winced and had lumps in our throats for a convincing snapshot of how life with the Zappas may have been. The play pulls no punches but helps us to understand the intricacies of the Zappa’s relationship.”

Richard Drakes

“Kudos to Pauline Butcher Bird for writing something far meatier and entertaining than the Beeb did with its afternoon adaptation of her excellent memoir. There is much to enjoy in the production for the uninitiated and nothing short of a feast for Zappa fans who understand the many references to real events contained in the script.”
Andrew Greenaway